Have you recently purchased a home and need a bathroom remodeling? Have you been living in your home for decades and are tired of the look of the bathroom? Is it simply not working as you hoped? Whatever your reasons, if you’re working on a budget, you’ll be happy to hear that there are tons of ideas you can use to entirely or partially remodel your bathroom. Keep reading for some inspiration.

What you need to consider in bathroom remodeling is that moving the pipes or getting all the new plumbing will cost a lot of money. So, keep your budget in mind. If the design is not good, you may have to do this, but it also means you may not have enough money to get the latest fixtures. Find a way to keep sinks, showers, and toilets as close to their original location as possible. Sinks are usually less expensive to reposition, so move them if you can.

Bathroom Renovation Ideas

  1. Find one item to be proud of

Just because you’re on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t brag about a fantastic piece you find. However, you should keep it for only one or a few items. If you plan to make this piece the focal point of the bathroom remodeling, you may be able to cut costs for other parts of the room. For example, if a freestanding bathtub is a centerpiece, you can use more affordable tiles for the floor. If the sink plays this role, the countertop can be more economical.

  1. Add a new layer of paint

If you don’t want to replace all the elements in the bathroom remodeling process, painting the walls can suffice. This can make a huge difference and won’t leave any impact on your wallet. For example, if your bathroom is primarily neutral, you can introduce a bold color to give the room an instant facelift. You can also leave most of it neutral but paint one statement wall in a bright color or striped pattern for dramatic effect. Moreover, the floorboards can also be painted, giving your bathroom a stylish update. Just be sure to use wood paint for this project.

  1. Put up a bold wallpaper

Like paint, wallpaper is also one of the cheapest ways to remodel a bathroom. You can do this on your own, without having to hire professionals and spend more money on their services. The great thing is that wallpaper comes in many designs, from floral scenes to geometric grids. In addition, you can even come up with a pattern of your own and have it printed on the wallpaper that you will place on the walls.

  1. Demolish tiles

While you might think floor-to-ceiling tiles look beautiful, you should be aware of the price tag of this endeavor. Given how quickly expenses can accumulate, you should consider some alternatives. Other than using mold-resistant paint and wallpaper, you can save money using vinyl or linoleum flooring. Reclaimed wood panels and concrete work, too, so that’s another thing to consider in bathroom remodeling. If you overuse materials, try to limit yourself to one wall.

  1. Save money by buying local

Another great way to save money is to buy from local vendors and look for materials that can be easily harvested in your area. This means that you will not have to pay for shipping and handling, and the chances are high that the materials are widely available near you and will likely be very cheap.

  1. Search through antique stores

If an antique feel is something you’re hoping for, you can also visit some local antique stores and see if any pieces match your aesthetic. For example, perhaps you can find a unique light fixture or an ornate mirror that will be the centerpiece. If that’s something you think would look good in your bathroom remodeling, you might even be able to find a larger piece like a clawfoot tub that you can repaint in a bold shade.

  1. Find deals online

On the other hand, you can also search online for the items you need. Fortunately, many specialty stores often offer products for sale. No matter if you are looking for floating vanities or quality bathroom remodeling accessories, you just need to pay attention to these websites to notice when you can buy that piece you have been looking forward to for a while at a discount. Moreover, remember that there are specific dates when you can find great deals, such as Christmas and Black Friday.

  1. Reuse of old furniture

Then, you’ll probably have some pieces around your house that you can reuse in the bathroom remodeling. If you have a lot of space and are looking to make this a comfortable lounge area, you can add a chair and side table to the room. Repaint them, and they will bring a touch of luxury. You can also offer a bench or ottoman that can be used as storage as well.

  1. Change accessories

Perhaps you are looking for a small change for bathroom remodeling that will not affect your finances much. In this case, you can replace some accents. For example, upgrade your faucets with a newer, more water-efficient model. If they were chrome before, you could replace them with gold or black. This can be done with other appliances, too – from light fixtures to drawer knobs, towel racks, and toilet paper holders. Then, you can change your shower curtain, get a new fluffy rug and buy fresh towels in a color gradient that complements the entire color scheme.

  1. Create your own artwork

If you want some decor for the bathroom remodeling, there is an affordable way to do it. If you have a creative hobby, you can put up your artwork and display it with pride. Then you can also print your favorite photos or artwork, frame them and hang them. This is a low-cost project that can add style to a room.


As you can see, there are many different bathroom remodeling ideas, even when working on a budget. Don’t let your limited money discourage you, as you can find great deals online and in local stores. Keep an eye out and stay creative!

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