What is interior design? Many people answer this question by saying the harmony of the stuff in a home. However, this is not a true interior style definition. The range of interior design goes from the materials of the walls to the furniture. Thus, to create a stylish house with an aesthetic value, you must also give importance to interior design. While deciding on the interior design of your home, please do not forget that there is no universally accepted perfect form of interior design. There are many interior design styles, and each represents a different aesthetic understanding. Thus, you must find the one that suits your home best. In our article, you will learn about 12 different interior design styles.

Modern Interior Design

Modern interior design is one of the most popular interior design styles today. The origins of modern interior design date back to the early 20th century. It was affected by the trend of modernism. The main characteristics of modern interior design style are clean, simple lines and functionality. Creators of this simple style thought that beauty without functionality is nothing. A house with a modern interior design should serve your needs in the best possible way. You must feel cozy while you are home. The most significant modern interior design pieces are simple, modest furniture, using primary colors instead of a riot of colors, and proper use of simple accessories like paintings, etc. Modern interior design is one of the trending interior design styles, and if you have a small, lovely house, it may be one of the best home interior design styles for you. 

Rustic Interior Design

Rustic interior design is another popular interior design style. It was especially popular in the early days of the US. If you are looking for American interior design styles, you can go for rustic interior design. The central understanding of rustic interior design is to create a peaceful living place by using the beauty of nature. A good Rustic interior design should highlight the use of wood instead of industrial materials like steel. Moreover, different types of stone and leaves fell from trees could also be used in the interior design. 

Contemporary Interior Design

Although it is confused with modern interior design, contemporary interior design is a different concept. This style always has its place among “top 10 interior design styles” lists. The main difference between contemporary interior design from modern interior design is that modern interior design represents a closed era. Modernism is a trend that was effective in the 20th century mainly. However, contemporary refers to today. Thus, contemporary design highlights today and the future instead of the past. Therefore, new types of furniture could be used in this style. The main color of contemporary interior design is black tones. 

Minimalist Interior Design

Minimalist interior design has become one of the most popular interior design styles in the last 10 years. The main principle of minimalist interior design could be summarized as “less is more.” The house should not be full of furniture and accessories in the minimalist interior design. Thus, this interior design style is a good choice for smaller homes. The furniture should have clean lines, and if you want to use accessories, they should be simple elements. The main color palette of minimalist interior design should be tones of black or white. If you want to add a colorful touch to the design, a colorful dining table would be good, but there should not be more color. 

Scandinavian Interior Design

Scandinavian Interior Design style is another design style that mainly focuses on functionality and simplicity. Because of its simplicity and functionality, it is closer to minimalist & modern interior design styles. However, the naturality is more highlighted in the Scandinavian interior design style. You can use natural decoration elements like plants, wood, etc. The primary colors of a house decorated with Scandinavian Interior Design should be white and other light colors.

Industrial Interior Design

Industrial Interior Design must be your number 1 choice if you are looking for different interior design styles. As you can understand from its name, industrial interior design should represent the characteristics of the age of the industrial revolution. This style should make pipe, concrete, even bricks, or other industrial elements visible. For the lighting of the house, Edison bulbs could be used. The main color palette of this style is gray tones.

Boho-Bohemian Interior Design

Bohemian style industrial design is the best option for people who look for colorful interior design styles. Bohemian industrial Design began in Paris in the 19th century. The main principle of this interior design is creativity. According to Bohemian interior design, you do not have to follow strict rules to create beauty. The color palette varies from white to red, green, yellow, and other tones. Furniture does not have to have clean lines. Freedom and comfort are the essential things in this interior design.

Traditional Interior Design

Traditional Interior Design is also one of the most popular interior design styles. It is mainly affected by the decoration trends in 18th century Europe. The most critical elements of this style are classic paintings, antique furniture, and dark tones. As you can guess, industrial elements should be minimized in this decoration style. 

Transitional Interior Design Style

Transitional Interior Design would be the best choice for the people who can’t decide which style is the best for their home. This style refers to a combination of modern and traditional interior design. There are no strict rules, but you must pay attention to creating harmony while mixing traditional and modern elements. For example, an antique dining table in a room with modern sofas would be a great example of transitional interior design. 

Eclectic Interior Design Style

Eclectic Interior Design Style mixes elements from different interior design styles like the traditional style. However, as we said above, transitional style generally combines modern and traditional styles, while Eclectic Style combines more than these two. Unexpected elements are the most famous pieces of this style. You can use transverse colors together freely. Creating harmony from contrasts is the most significant feature of eclectic interior design. For example, chairs with different colors around a wooden dining table are suitable for eclectic interior design. 

Farmhouse Interior Design Style

Farmhouse Interior Design is also one of the design styles that gives importance to functionality and comfort. Wood is the most important material for furniture for a farmhouse-style decoration. Especially in the kitchen, there should be plenty of wooden elements. There are no strict rules in this design style like the Bohemian style. Vintage pieces like old chairs also play an essential role in this style. 

French Country Interior Design Style

French Country Interior Design is one of the design styles that follows a traditional route. The main focus of this style is using rustic and elegant elements together. Wooden materials have a significant role, like rustic and farmhouse styles. It may be nice if the stone walls of the house are visible. The color palette of this style generally involves soft tones like white and light yellow. Creating contrast instead of perfectly matching elements would also be a good choice. 

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