The origin of the bohemian interior design, also known as boho or boho-chic, dates back to the year 1800 in France. It is an eclectic style with no restrictions because of its unconventional and free idea, and it is one of the ancient and modern decoration styles at the same time. Its residence, characterized by touches full of bold and vibrant colors, also allows the mixture of different cultures. In short, it is a lifestyle and also a kind of decoration that reflects a lively atmosphere in the house, suitable for travel lovers and strong personalities.

What is Bohemian Interior Design?

Before anything, we have to answer an important question: What is the definition of bohemian interior design? Well, the Bohemian interior design style is one of the most distinctive and beautiful decorative styles. It is characterized by bold, vibrant colors representing a particular culture, while the conservative type is preferred by space and travel enthusiasts and the routine warrior.

The simple rule of defining the primary color of each shade is followed when designing the bohemian style. Applying this type of decoration when choosing a distinctive piece of bohemian interior design with other elements of this work aims to achieve harmony in the space. 

Elements of Bohemian Interior Design

The bohemian interior design depends on the complete freedom of home decorators without being bound by specific interior design principles. Elements to be taken into account when adopting a bohemian interior design are as follows:

  • Plants

Plants are one of the most important elements of bohemian furnishings, as they are characterized by simplicity and reasonable cost. They also help to create a comfortable atmosphere and work to add the perfect dimension to the room. Plants also help clean the air and add color to the room without conflicting and proportional to other design elements and harming the eyes.

  • Bright Colors

When you think of bohemian colorful interior design, this interior design relies on cheerful and bold colors, including orange, blue, green, pink, and turquoise being the most popular.

  • Metals and Mirrors

Mirrors and metals are one of the most important elements of bohemian interior design since they are responsible for adding a kind of cheerfulness to the place and indicating its spaciousness.

  • Materials

Wool and cotton rugs are among the most famous bohemian-style materials and cushions in bright colors, textures, and patterns. On the other hand, beads and crystals in contrasting colors, textures, and layered patterns add a relaxing visual effect.

  • Accessories

These types of decoration depend on accessories, paintings, artwork, and antiques that symbolize different cultures, such as Morocco, Africa, and India, which stand out from other cultures in terms of bright and cheerful patterns and colors.

Ways to Apply the Bohemian Interior Design

Bohemian style is one of the most popular home decorations. For this style, the choice of a particular interior design depends on complete freedom, without specific principles or apparent features. Still, there are several ways to implement this type of decoration:

  • Different Combinations

Decorative fabrics made of linen can be placed next to metal, wood, and glass. All the different combinations are concentrated in one place and help not get confused while creating an atmosphere of comfort and warmth, especially if a light source is entering the room.

  • Low Seating

Several cushions can be added to the seat, making the seat more comfortable. At the same time, some rooms have a floor chair or low seating called a pufit. This type of living room bohemian interior design is exceptional, especially for long friendships and long conversations in a unique atmosphere that lasts until late. To put books or drinks, a small side table may be added.

  • Wild Plants

in addition to amplifying the elements of the formation and giving them depth in the figure; Plants intensify these elements and are careful not to arrange them irregularly or exaggerate to reflect the wild side of the place, and the plants will make the place viable, so you should avoid picking traditional flowers and placing pieces of trees and wild green plants in a glass vase.

  • Painting One Wall in Turquoise Color

This method is considered one of the most important ideas and things that give life and add at the same time a calm atmosphere. As it increases the presence of other colors in the place, the most important of which are pink and red, a wooden chair can be added to this wall, which gives the place splendor.

  • Rugs

Cushions and folded blankets on the sofa give a bohemian feel, and multi-colored rugs provide an alluring bohemian feel for unparalleled warmth.

Types of Bohemian Decor in Interior Design

There are many different types of bohemian interior décor, and they can be summarised as follows:

  • English bohemian-style decor: it gives a sense of simplicity to everything.
  • French bohemian-style decor: luxurious in every component and imprinted on everything.
  • Modern and Contemporary bohemian decor: This type of décor is based on the modern bohemian furniture style and is a popular type today.
  • Transitional bohemian decor: It is based on traditional and modern design elements.


In short, the design ideas of the Bohemian style are based on the principle of using bold and vibrant colors and gypsy decor details. As the Bohemian style is considered a free decoration style, it is without restrictions. And its secret lies in choosing unique pieces which seem to come from an unknown market or an exotic area.

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