What is industrial interior design? Some people may think that industrial interior design would be an unlovely type to decorate the home. Still, we believe that most of them do not know industrial design elements. Industrial style has been a trendy design style for years. It takes inspiration from the post-Industrial Revolution times in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Factory-like building types maybe seem strange for the first time, but in later times, these buildings became beautiful living spaces. It was a significant attempt to produce gorgeous industrial home design, and it is very inspirational today. The industrial home design creates a relaxing atmosphere in the home because it allows the creation of a lot of functional and practical space. If you want to apply industrial interior design to your home, you should make sure that you will be happy about the result. Some industrial interior design characteristics include using bare bricks, metals, and wood. You need to care about some features; otherwise, you might have a boring look. If you want to get information on how to apply industrial interior design to your home, you should read our article.

Tips for Creating Industrial Interior Design in Your Home

To create a perfect industrial interior design in your home, we will give some essential tips to you. If you apply them, you will have an excellent industrial interior design in your home. There are some types of industrial interior design. However, one of the most critical elements is furniture. The industrial interior design furniture coexists with;

  • Clear pipes and ducts
  • Metal or grey walls and doors
  • Metal brackets and tubes
  • Wood and metal areas 

Now, let’s look in detail at how to apply them in rooms. 

Industrial Living Room Design

The first step is using industrial interior design furniture in your living room. Firstly, using metal is the most important part of creating a living room industrial interior design. Benefitting from worn metal elements will help you a lot. Remember, with the Industrial Revolution; humanity learned how to get the maximum benefit from metal elements. You can place repurposed materials on your metal table. In addition, a bookshelf made of recycled materials would suit the living room very well. You should have a big metal sofa in the center of your living room.

Another point is grey or metal walls. One of the best ways to decorate industrial interior design is metal tones. You should support it with pipes and ducts. In that way, you will feel yourself in late 19th century England. Applying these tips to your home will have a perfect industrial interior design in your living room. 

Industrial Bedroom Design

When it comes to the bedroom, lighting becomes an essential feature. Lighting is crucial in industrial style because metal elements look much more elegant in a good light. Instead of tedious and massive chandeliers, you should prefer bulbs one or more. Yet, we mentioned that there are types of industrial interior design. If that sounds too simple, you can choose a metal or wooden chandelier where the bulb is less visible. In addition to that, a metal lampshade or floor lamp would look great. Lighting will change the atmosphere in the space. And if you choose a suitable wardrobe and bed for the bedroom, you will have a perfect industrial interior design in your bedroom. It is an excellent idea to use pipes as a headboard. 

Industrial Kitchen Design

An industrial kitchen must be functional. Metal is also part of industrial kitchen design. The counterpart and cabinets might be wood, but they should not be colorful. If you add grey tones to wood, you will have a perfect industrial interior design in your kitchen. In an industrial kitchen design, it could be nice to create a commercial kitchen feeling; this will also allow functionality. A metal-worked hood, metal or wood cabinets and exposed ducts will suit your industrial kitchen. 

Industrial Bathroom Design 

Of course, the bathroom is a part of industrial interior design. We think that one of the most important pieces of an industrial interior design bathroom is the shower cabin instead of the traditional washbasin. The graphic line is a part of industrial interior design, and it will look excellent in the shower cabin. Industrial bathroom items must be practical. Choosing the right color is very important. Tones such as black or grey will look good in bathroom cabinets. A wood and metal combination will be a good choice in the bathroom. Exposed pipes and ducts will also add an industrial touch to your bathroom. 

Industrial Interior Design for Small Spaces

Generally, large spaces and large ceilings are sought in industrial interior design. However, if you have a small space, you should not worry. We have some tips also for having a beautiful industrial interior design for small spaces. ‘’Unfinished’’ look is a part of industrial interior design, and it is also applicable to small spaces. An essential addition for tiny houses can be to lighten the environment with green. You can put plants in some parts of the house. As we mentioned before, the favorite color of the industrial home design is grey. But for tiny houses, you can go out of the dominant colors and add some vibrant colors. For instance, a red or blue color sofa adds light to the home. Also, it allows a good contrast. 

In addition to all these tips, do not forget to visit the antique shops while decorating your industrial interior. Vintage items are one of the most important industrial interior design furniture; they will complete your industrial interior design. You can use vintage items in every part of the house. The industrial style should reveal the contrast and the damage over time without hiding it. 

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