Are you searching for balance in your life and at your home? Then you come to the right place. Feng Shui is for you. Feng Shui consists of the Chinese words for wind and water. So, what is feng shui? Basically, it teaches people to live in harmony with their environment. 

We are dealing with so many problems in our lives, right? The stress of daily life, work stress, etc. At this point, the principles of feng shui want to save us. If you want to feel alive and healthier in daily life, you should carefully read the article about the feng shui guide we have prepared for you. 

Feng Shui offers many suggestions for the space we live in. The places we live in today, city apartments, are the main reason for us to feel bad from time to time, even if we are unaware of it. Feng Shui is teaching linked to Taoism but not a religion. According to the Feng Shui guide, if you manage to create balance in your home, it will affect your life ultimately. For example, positive changes occur in your reactions to people. Maybe it does not sound compelling to you right now. Yet, it also has a scientific basis. Science also says that our environment significantly impacts our mental health. So, feng shui is also supported by scientific studies. 

Main Points of Feng Shui

  • First, commanding position. This is one of the first steps to applying feng shui in your home. Commanding position means the point in a room furthest from the door, not flush with it. In other words, you come to a cross position with the door. You should also be able to see the door. The commanding position is where you spend most of your time during the day. 
  • Second, the Bagua map. This is an energy map. In Chinese, Bagua means 8 areas. Each of these 8 areas has different meanings, such as family, career, etc. Each area has a counterpart, such as a shape and color. The 9th area in the center of the Bagua is you. 
  • Third, and one of the most important, the Bagua areas. This is also the easiest way to apply feng shui. Choose specific areas and concentrate on those areas. Which are the main Bagua areas? They are: Family(Zhen), Wealth(Xun), Health(Tai Qi), Helpful People(Qian), Children(Dui), Knowledge(Gen), Fame(Li), Career(Kan), Partnerships(Kun). They each represent different elements and have different colors and shapes. Now, let’s look at the five elements of feng shui. 

Five Elements of Feng Shui

Wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Each of these elements affects how you feel. Moreover, the objects, colors, and shapes you will use in your home can belong to them. 

Feng shui aims to make the energy flow in your life positive and get the maximum efficiency from where you live. Each of these five elements represents a worldly phenomenon.

  • wood: maturity and sense of creation
  • fire: leadership and entrepreneurship
  • earth: power
  • metal: order and focus
  • water: romance, inspiration 

Now, let’s talk about the tips we have prepared for you to apply feng shui to your home.

Apply Command Position Properly at Home

Above, we mentioned command positions in general. Now, let’s see how you can apply it to your home. The most suitable objects to place in this location are your bed, desk, and stove. Feng Shui’s primary purpose here is to receive the energy from the main door called the “mouth of chi.” For this reason, it is best not to stay in line with the door when cooking on the stove. On the other hand, you must see that door to receive the energy. So, the crossover situation we mentioned above.

The Energy of the Colors

At this point, the Bagua map will help you. Applying the right color according to the energy you want is very important in feng shui. For instance, if you want to focus on wealth, you should use blue and green tones in your home because there are colors that invoke wealth. 

Energy Balance is Very Important 

When we talk about feng shui, one of the first things that come to mind is yin-yang. For a person to have balance, they must have both. So, you must have both of these energies in your apartment. While Yin represents more feminine energy, it is more associated with calmness. Yang represents more masculine energy and is more associated with sociability. It is up to you to play with these energies and choose which one you will have more of. However, balance is essential. 

Balance of Five Elements

As you can see, balance is critical in feng shui in general. For this reason, you need to pay attention to the balance of the five elements in your home. For example, you can use the element of fire by painting your walls in shades of red or by lighting a candle, as long as you pay attention to the balance between the components. For instance, if you think you have an irritability problem in your daily life, do not give too much space to the fire element in your home. This will make you a more nervous person. Instead, try giving more space to the earth element. Add more greenery to your home. On the contrary, if you think your leadership is low, you should provide more space for your home’s fire element and reduce the earth element. 

In this article, we tried to prepare a feng shui guide for you at home. Remember, feng shui is not a miracle; it’s a lifestyle. We hope that you will be in a much more harmonious situation with your environment after applying them. Keep the balance in your life! 

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