One of the best times of the year has arrived! Halloween takes place on October 31 every year. This year it will be on Monday. 

Halloween decoration is one of the enjoyable aspects of Halloween. We have Halloween decoration ideas inside and outside of the house. Thanks to this article, you will be the scariest house in the neighborhood this year. Especially if you are going to have a costume party, you will surprise everyone. We have great Halloween costume ideas. It will be talked about all year! The Halloween decoration ideas we will provide appeal to all budgets. So do not be afraid if you are financially tight on Halloween this year. We have many ideas for you too. You can turn some Halloween decoration ideas into workshops and do it with your children. 

Be sure that your home will be gorgeous this year when you apply these decorations. Those who come to the house to buy candy and those who visit will love it. Now that you’re saving money by making your decorations, you can spend your leftover money for the rest of Halloween this year! Enjoy! 

Before we move on to our Halloween decorations ideas, let’s look at Halloween history and learn what Halloween is. 

Origin of the Halloween

The history of Halloween goes back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. People lit bonfires and wore costumes to drive away ghosts. Celts living in what is now Ireland, the United Kingdom, and northern France celebrated it on November 1, 2000 years ago, and considered it their new year. Pope Gregory III designated November 1 as the time to honor all saints. Over time, Halloween turned into a season full of events. Trick or treat, wearing a costume, and eating treats are some of these activities. Moreover, it’s become a fun season for everyone, especially for kids.

Now, let’s start looking at our unique Halloween decorations! 

  1. Majestic Arch

We start with outdoor Halloween decoration ideas because being scary starts from the house’s entrance. Greet guests horribly! Fasten two branches on either side of the arch. Then bend them. Do the styling with cobwebs too. 

  1. Make the Door Scary Too

Even the guests who will not enter your house will see the door of the house. That’s why Halloween decoration ideas outdoor are so important. Lay a colorful mist outside your door and fill it with piles of pumpkins. This will provide a colorful atmosphere as well as be scary. 

  1. Glowing City

You can cover your door with purple paper and add a shining city silhouette underneath if you want. But do not forget to add the bats too, because that’s how Halloween is celebrated!

  1. Candy Door

Your door will show its side in the trick or treaters game. You can easily do this with fake flowers. Sew them together. You can fix it with glue if necessary. And hang it on your door.

  1. Oh no! Mouse!

Disgusting! Let’s move on to Halloween decoration ideas indoors. Print the mouse templates on black paper and cut them out. Then stick them to your stairs with double-sided tape. 

  1. Choose Your Palette

Choose a palette and decide what your color will be. Limiting yourself to two or three colors would be an excellent choice. For example, black, white, and orange are suitable for Halloween decorations. You can also use metal tones as an additional touch. 

  1. Make Your Pumpkin

For this, you need an orange, brown, black and white paper. With a thin wire, you can easily handle this. It is one of the best 50 DIY Halloween decorations this year. 

  1. Make Your Spooky Spiders 

You can apply this idea as an indoor or outdoor Halloween decoration. All you need is cheap materials and your imagination. Your kids will love it. Or, maybe they will be scared! 

  1. Witch Hat

It is easy to make your witch hat! Paint the plastic traffic cones black, then add the buckles. 

  1. Hanging Witch!

Let the witch’s foot hang on your tree. This is very easy. You need floral wire. Then put on her tights and dress. 

  1. Spooky Decorations

The two essential elements of Halloween decoration are dry ice and spooky décor. But be careful not to get burned. 

  1. Who is That Scary Person?

Do you want to make your family portrait scary? It could also be a portrait of someone you do not know. Add bats to these photos. 

  1. Maybe, Be Soft?

If you do not want to be that scary, you do not have to apply spooky décor. Instead, you can create an autumn mood in your home as a Halloween decoration. Candles and pumpkins will be good. You can sprinkle leaves around. 

  1. Hanging Pumpkin

You can use the hanging item to use the pumpkins on the house’s walls. This will be nice in your office too. 

  1. Decorative Monster Mash

Creative idea for monster mash. Turn a galvanized tub into a mommy. This way, you can keep ice and cold drinks. 

  1. Are These Which Hats Real?

Get lots of witch hats and hang them from the ceiling. Witch hats in the air will give the house a very spooky vibe. It is one of the best Halloween decoration ideas. 

  1. Cats or Pumpkins

Give trick-or-treaters a different atmosphere. Greet them with a cat pumpkin. Making a cat by carving pumpkins is also a fun activity. It can be done with children. 

  1. Magic Cat

You can also turn your flower pots into cats. A real Halloween flower pot!

  1. Giant Candles

Giant dripping candles are an essential part of Halloween decoration. To do this, cut PCV pipes of various sizes. Then paint them white. Create drops with a hot glue gun. Cut the base of the tea light on a sponge. Glue the sponge to the top of the pipe and coat it with white hot glue. Then let it cool. The final step is to place the tube on a circle of wax paper and drip some white-hot glue on the bottom. 

  1. Colorful Decoration

Collect gourds of different shapes and sizes and design them according to your imagination. You can use beads. 

  1. Spellbooks

Make new books look old by covering them with skins. Make them look like spellbooks by putting lit candles around them. 

  1. If There is No Skeleton, It is Not Halloween! 

The metal skull fence is very spooky. Place a skeleton to look like it’s rising from the dirt. 

  1. Do not Forget the Windows

Use the template you want, like a skeleton or a bat, to match your windows to the Halloween spirit. 

  1. Eyeball Bouquet

Scary flowers instead of sweet flowers. Design a stunning bouquet of black roses. You do not need much material to do this. 

  1. Garage Door with Halloween Decoration

Get creative with sticky black signs and get your garage door with the Halloween spirit. These are also easy to remove when Halloween is over. 

  1. Like a Fairy Tale

Decorate the pumpkins with cones and feathers.

  1. Mummy Pot

You can turn your pots into mummies in a budget-friendly way. 

  1. Make Your Pumpkin a Witch

You can decorate your pumpkin in the shape of a witch with just a few materials. It will look beautiful in front of your door. Make witch scary or cute; it is up to you. 

  1. Call Spooks

Create these fun ghosts with chicken wire, gauze cheesecloth, and liquid fabric starch. Put a battery-powered fluorescent light underneath them. 

  1. Spider in Tissue!

Stick spiders on your napkins. Let your table move!

  1. Lighting Pumpkins

Regarding Halloween decorations, things to do with pumpkins do not end. Use white lights around the pumpkins and spice up the front of your house. 

  1. Old Frame Magic

We are sure that there is a frame in your basement that you do not use. Time to take it out. Remove the glass, paint the backing black, and write whatever you want on it. Sure it should be scary. 

  1. Candy Wreath

You can make a wreath from corn sugar, which is very easy to make. Then, use it wherever you want. 

  1. Candy Hanger

You can combine a pumpkin and an old frame to turn it into a candy holder. This will make the kids very happy. Hang or lean on the interior wall or the exterior wall.

  1. Spooky Wine

Add a spooky feel to your wines by adding a spider web design to their bottle.

  1. Spooky Greetings

Scare the neighbors with the headless horseman figure. Add a lantern in one hand and a sign in the other.

  1. Monster Pillows

Monster pillows that will look great on your sofa or chair. If you know sewing, you can easily do it.

  1. Emoji Pumpkins

We do not always need to be scary. Make emoji on pumpkins with some yellow paint and paper and greet your neighbors cutely.

  1. Can Ghost Open a Door?

You can easily turn a square wreath into a cute ghost wreath. Guests will be so scared when you open the door with it!

  1. Monster Plant

Don’t houseplants have a right to celebrate Halloween too? You can go to the hardware store and buy just a few supplies to give your plants a killer plant makeover.

  1. Useful Pumpkins

You can also use pumpkins as candles. This will be beautiful both as a Halloween decoration idea and will give light.

  1. Scary Papers

This is one of the cheapest ways of Halloween decoration. Just make the papers scary. For example, you can turn them into a monster. At the same time, you can easily remove it when the season is over. 

  1. Haunted but Happy!

You can easily make happy haunters with pumpkins and battery-operated tea lights.

  1. Do Magic

Makeup that can only be seen when illuminated with inexpensive consumables. These are also removable. It’s so scary! They’ll think you’re doing Magic!

  1. Very Easy Pumpkin Decoration

Don’t have time or don’t want to carve a pumpkin? No problem. Just paint it black and wrap it in gauze. Yes, it’s a mummy now!

  1. Sweet Pumpkin Wreath

Great little Halloween decoration ideas. Wrap the wreath with tiny orange pods of putka. It will look like a pumpkin, but it’s not. They are also indestructible. So once you do that, you can use it every year.

  1. Witch Bucket

Cut two pool noodles the size of your legs. Draw and cut a semicircle in the middle of each leg to make a knee. Pull the edges and secure them using duct tape. You will have an almond shape. Next, pull the tights over the legs and tighten the laces. For the mark, glue the six paint mixers together to form a jagged rectangle. Write whatever you want on it, like poison apples.

  1. Hit Two Birds with One Stone

Make 1 basket and use it for all special occasions. You can decorate a straw bag with flowers and hang it on your door. This will also be suitable for Halloween decorations. The good thing is that it will also be suitable for all other holidays.

  1. Magical Wine Bottles

Turn your empty wine bottles into candlesticks and spray them with white paint. They will look like ghosts. It will also look beautiful in front of your fireplace.

  1. Hardware in the home

Paint the metal bucket as you wish. Turn it into a pumpkin. That way, you’ll be able to use it every year. Whether you do something cute or scary, that’s up to you.

  1. Candy Trees

Take a few branches from your garden for a colorful sugar tree. Then apply hot glue them together in pairs. Pinch the stem of the branch into small styrofoam or flowered squares. And put it under a vase. All that’s left is to fill it to the brim with sugar.

  1. Turn Planters into Pumpkins

Blooming pumpkins are super easy to make. Go to a hardware store or the place where you bought the flower pot. You can also display them throughout the fall. They will be more suitable outdoors and remember to water them.

  1. Toy Box

Everything that comes to mind when you think of Halloween toys. Teeth, fingers, spiders, bats. Add everything and get creepy images.

  1. Use the Spare Wood

It’s the season to uncover wood scraps in your garage or basement. From them, you will create a friendly ghost. All you have to do is paint the boards white and add facial features to them. Use a hand sander to add a worn look.

  1. Use Your Hands

Now we will create scary reptiles that swim. Print spiders, eyeballs, and any other scary thing you can think of on a piece of parchment paper. Set half of the plastic ornaments aside, and place the other half flat side down on the image. Draw and cut. Put the cut-out picture between the ornament halves. Snap them together. Then balance it upside down on the candlesticks. These fingers will look very realistic because they are made from a mold of your hand!

  1. Sinister Furniture

Go to the antique store and buy old items. Then rust them well and give them a sinister look. The knife is an excellent material for this.

  1. Smiling Bottles

Make smiley faces on the bottles. Use them as just Halloween decorations or to serve drinks. They will look great.

  1. Fancy Pumpkins

Decorate the pumpkin with gold, silver, and copper leaves. In addition to Halloween decorations, they will also suit autumn very well. Maybe even use it on Christmas.

  1. Pumpkin Witch

Let’s make a witch out of a pumpkin. All you have to put a pointed hat on the pumpkin and make a cape out of a garbage bag. Now your pumpkin is a witch!

  1. Like a Festival

Want to have festive pumpkin lights? Draw a pumpkin on a metal box. The pen must be permanent. Then fill it with water and freeze it. Then drill holes. Use nails and a hammer for this. Drill a hole on both sides. Once the water has melted, and the can has dried, use orange spray paint. Wait for it to dry. The final step is to cut a short piece of wire, wrap it around, stretch it out, and hang it in the holes on the sides. Your home will be like a festival area.

  1. Let’s Play Ball!

Make the balls scary. Transform into giant bloody eyeballs. Imagine how scary it would look when the kids kicked it!

  1. Who is This Headless Man?

Who wants to knock on the door waiting for a headless figure? Your guests will be terrified. Let’s hope they don’t leave without knocking!

  1. Eyeball Lights, Really?

Yes, it is possible! Get your Christmas lights, and buy ping pong balls. Then give them eyeball makeup and hang.

  1. Sweet Pillows

We’ve talked about this before; we don’t always have to be scary just because of Halloween. Make cute plush pillows from pumpkins.

  1. Trick or Treat Station

Put a table or shelf in your garden. Time to be a little cute! Fill it with treats that the kids love.

  1. Or, Scary Trick or Treat Station

We left the sweetness. A red flat sheet is enough. Do shark theme makeover. Let’s see if the kids can get the treats.

  1. Is There a Chair?

Would you like to sit? Oh sorry! Lay a white sheet over a round dining chair. Get black felt with adhesive backing. Make an eye with them. Cut the sheet to make a mouth. And glue it in place.

  1. Spiders Everywhere!

A house is full of giant spiders! Oh my god, it’s terrible! The guests will want to hide; they will walk around the house by bending down.

  1. Make Pumpkin an Owl

You don’t need any advanced skills to do this. You can easily turn a pumpkin into an owl with just a few drawings.

  1. Spooky Table

It’s time to liven up your table with some fun placemats. All you need is fluffy paint and parchment paper. Make a spider web shape on paper with fluffy paint. Then wait overnight so that you can peel off the paper easily. You need a transparent background to showcase the design.

  1. Make Art

Are you a good painter? So use this. It’s up to you to make the pattern you want. All you need is talent. Paint the pumpkin in the pattern and color you want.

  1. Ghouls Group

To make a group of ghouls, you need white tissue paper and construction paper. You can also use sticky dots to attach the spouts. Then cover it with a cheesecloth.

  1. Make Your Own Ghost Town

It is one of the best 50-day Halloween decorations! If you bought matte black spray paint, run. We’re going to build a spooky house. Do not forget to add spiders, snakes, bats, and birds to the home.

  1. Evil-Eye Cat

Poor cats, guests will be terrified of them! Turn a sheet of plywood into cat silhouettes. Put battery-powered lights underneath.

  1. Spider Pumpkins

If you don’t want to bother with carving, wrap the pumpkins in cotton kitchen twine and add a few plastic spiders to them.

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