Did not we all dream of secret doors when we were kids? The hidden door through which we go to a private room… Let’s make it real! Hidden doors can take many forms. For example, a hidden bookshelf door can be a hidden door. All that is required is that the coating be seamless. 

The hidden door can be anywhere. For instance, a game room, reading side, or office. It can even go to the toilet! Hidden doors also give you perfect hidden storage space. It allows you to hide a room you do not want out of sight. Or, perhaps most importantly, it creates a place that belongs only to you, behind the hidden door, where you can take time for yourself. 

We prepared the best hidden door ideas for you. Let’s look at hidden door ideas! 

  1. Maximum Efficiency from the Stairs! 

If you have stairs in your house, you will love these hidden door ideas under stairs. We guess that the space under your stairs stands still. That’s where a secret staircase can be made! Thanks to this solution, you will have nice storage space. Or, we do not know, maybe your child creates a playground and does not want to go out! What you need to do is use the hinges on the stair treads. Since this will be indoors, you do not have to worry about humidity or temperature issues. 

  1. You Would not Want to Go Up! 

These modern hidden door ideas are for those with a nice basement under their house. Did you know that you can make this basement even more beautiful with a hidden door? There are many areas where you can create a hidden door in the basement; it’s up to you to choose. For example, you can create a hidden door under the stairs leading down to the basement. 

A revolving cabinet will be very nice for the basement. This cabinet will be both a bookcase and a hidden door in your home, that is, the door to your secret room. If you do the veneer perfectly, no one will think there is a secret room there! Are you overwhelmed by the guests? Run to the basement! 

  1. Door? Really?

Could it be a hidden door from the door? Yes! This is one of the cheap hidden door ideas and one of the simplest. However, workmanship is essential in hidden doors in walls. You must ensure that the wall and the door are in perfect harmony. The slightest mistake that can be made will reveal your hidden door. As a tip, if your wall is patterned, you can turn this into an opportunity to hide the secret entrance. 

  1. A Little Adventure

Do you want to climb into your hidden door? Then apply these DIY hidden door ideas. You may have a hidden door in the attic. This is a great way to use the extra vertical space in your room. These also are perfect hidden door ideas for the bedroom if you have vertical space in your bedroom. It would be more logical to choose this hidden door as a storage area. 

  1. The Books Will Truly Open Up To Other Worlds!

Which of us has not dreamed of this idea? Here it is next! You can make secret doors from a revolving bookcase. From the outside, this will only appear as a bookshelf. Yet, when you push it, you will reach your secret world! Your guests will not understand anything. It would be a great idea to make this a reading room. Get your book from the library and go to the other world. 

  1. Cool Looking Hidden Door

We come up with very cool DIY hidden door ideas. Your secret door will look unique this way. Can you imagine your secret door being stone? This is possible. However, you still need to be careful in workmanship. Make sure that the texture of the wall and the door is the same on this hidden door. Otherwise, the spell will be broken. 

  1. Save Your Decoration

Here are decorative hidden door ideas! While designing a hidden door, you can also protect the decoration of the house. This one is extremely simple. All you have to do is hide the decorations when the hidden door opens. This way, you can go to the hidden location. No one will know what’s going on behind the decoration. 

  1. Mystic Closet

It’s like a fairy tale. A hidden door wardrobe might be your child’s dream. You can make a playground for your child by creating a hidden door behind the wardrobe image. Or, you can create a reading area for yourself to relax; this way, you will be in another room next to your child. 

  1. Everything Could be a Hidden Door

This hidden door will shock those who see it because it is a very thoughtful idea. Look carefully at your entries in the house. There may be a hidden door area that you overlooked before. Let’s turn it into the hidden door, and you have the perfect storage space for yourself. 

  1. Artistic Hidden Door

If you are into art, you will love this hidden door idea. Posters or pictures are perfect for hiding the hidden door. You can hide your studio behind these posters. In this way, you will keep your equipment away from mishaps. It is also an excellent corner for inspiration, isn’t it?

  1. Like a Miracle

Be prepared; this may confuse you a bit. These hidden doors in walls are so crazy! It rotates 360 degrees and allows you to move to the other side of the room while changing the view of the wall. The most logical thing you can do to have this hidden door is add it to a door with a load-bearing purpose. 

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