Kitchen renovations are one of the best things you can do to recreate your home. However, there are some specific steps that you should be careful of in a kitchen renovation process. If you do not give importance to those steps, your efforts to renovate your kitchen will be a disaster. That’s why we are here to help you. After reading our article, you will learn everything you need about a kitchen renovation process. You will choose the best finishes, colors, and furniture for your home. Let’s start with the don’ts of kitchen remodel.

The Don’ts of Kitchen Remodel

Starting with the don’ts of the kitchen remodel would be good because avoiding mistakes is really important in a kitchen update.   As you probably know, kitchen renovation could be an expensive and tiring process. Thus, you do not want to make it more costly and tiring. Moreover, some mistakes cannot be undone. Please be sure about what you want in the kitchen, and avoid some common mistakes we will examine below.  

Don’t Occupy the Space with Wrong Furniture Choices

Using the space in the right may be the most important thing you should give importance to in the kitchen remodel process. If your kitchen space is enough, you can buy big kitchen furniture like a refrigerator, dishwasher, etc. However, if you want to start a kitchen remodel process, we guess you probably have a small kitchen. Thus, please choose minimal furniture for the kitchen. And a more critical point than furniture choice is that you should perfectly position them. Please don’t place your furniture close to the wall. For example, when you put a fridge close to the wall, it would be impossible to open the kitchen door entirely and the door of the fridge door at the same time. Or, if you place the oven too close to the wall or any other appliance, you would not have enough working space in the kitchen. Thus, please choose the place of furniture correctly, and position them in the best possible way.

Don’t Forget Your Budget

We all want our kitchen to look magnificent, and the best way to a magnificent kitchen is to buy top-quality appliances, according to many people. However, this is not entirely true. If you make this mistake, you may spend most of your money on furniture instead of kitchen design. That would be a terrible mistake because a well-designed kitchen is much more important than the furniture. Budget your kitchen renovation process well, and do not end with luxury appliances and a poorly designed kitchen.

Don’t Position The Lights Badly

Your kitchen’s lighting is essential in the kitchen renovation process. With the correct form of lighting, your kitchen space will look larger than it actually is. Moreover, lighting is also crucial for safely doing kitchen work. You do not want to work with a knife or fire in a dark space. Thus, please do not remove the lighting appliances from the kitchen countertops. The light should come directly above to countertop to avoid shadowing. 

The Do’s of Kitchen Remodel

Let’s continue with the Dos of Kitchen remodels. As you know, every kitchen is different from each other, and the needs of every kitchen are also different from each other. However, there are some musts that should not be forgotten in every kitchen remodel process. We will focus on those points in the following paragraphs to make your kitchen update easier.

Plan a Kitchen Layout

Knowing what you want is one of the critical points in any kitchen renovation project. The most important thing about a kitchen must be its functionality. Thus, you need a well-planned kitchen layout. You need to know which parts of your kitchen should be changed and what you need most in your kitchen. The needs of a small and big kitchen are very different from each other in the kitchen remodel process. Do you need to change the lighting? Is a one-wall kitchen a good choice for you, or do you need more space? Do you need any change in kitchen cabinets or kitchen countertops? You must know all of them to get the perfect kitchen remodeling. Do not forget that kitchen remodel costs can be really expensive. Therefore, you do not have a chance to fail. 

Give Importance to Countertops

Countertops are the most critical parts of a kitchen, especially for the people who spend time cooking. If you cook in your kitchen, you absolutely need more space for your countertops. Two countertops are ideal for the people who cook frequently. They should not be too high or too low. You should choose the height to stay comfortable while working in the kitchen. 

Have Kitchen Cabinets as Much as Possible

Kitchen cabinets have a critical role in your kitchen because the kitchen is where you need to store different kinds of foods, accessories, and tools. Thus, if you do not have enough space for storage in your kitchen, you will have a busy kitchen at the end of the kitchen renovation process. The simplest way to avoid a crowded kitchen is to have more cabinets in it. While designing a new kitchen, cabinets should be your first priority. You’ll probably put cabinets next to the oven and countertops. However, this could be insufficient if you have many kitchen tools. Therefore, you may consider placing kitchen cabinets above the sink also. You may consider open shelving alternatives if you don’t have enough space to place kitchen cabinets. Thanks to cabinets and open shelves, you will have more room for storage. More importantly, you will have more space in the kitchen area because it would not be overcrowded because of kitchen tools that you place on the countertops or other areas due to insufficient space. 

These are the essential points you should consider in any kitchen renovation process. If you follow these steps carefully, you will be delighted with the result!

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