In this article, we prepared bullet journal ideas for beginners. If you are someone who has difficulty organizing your daily life tasks, if you need a more regular to-do list, bullet journals are for you. Keep reading to find an answer to the question “what is a bullet journal” and how to get started. Let’s look at our pieces of advice! 

Who Needs a Bullet Journal?

Before answering this question, we should define what a bullet journal is. It is a simple method for people who have difficulty keeping track of events, developments, and other aspects of their life. Many people try to use an agenda to keep track of these kinds of events. However, agendas are not as effective as bullet journals because a bullet journal allows you to keep track of social events, finances, and to-do lists for your home simultaneously. In our article, you will learn some bullet journal examples that you can create and use easily. 

Bullet Journal Ideas

There are plenty of bullet journal ideas, and you can choose the best one for you. People have different lives, and they need different kinds of bullet journals. For example, a digital bullet journal would be a good choice if you work in a totally digitalized job and have tablets, computers, and smartphones with you every time. However, it could be easier for some people to create a bullet journal using a pen and a notebook. Some people remember their tasks better when they note them in their bullet journal notebook using a pen. The best thing to do is to know your needs and create a bullet journal according to your needs. 

Turn Your Old Planner into a New Bullet Journal

Although some people think that they need completely blank pages to create a bullet journal, it is not an entirely accurate method. Turning your old planner into a bullet journal would be a good idea if you want to create a bullet journal. Because they are predesigned, it would be easier to organize your life with them. If you spend just a little time on it, you will get the best bullet journal at the end. In this method, you do not need to create spreads; you just need to define a bullet journal key for tasks and events. Thus, it is suitable for beginners.

Give a Chance to Digital Bullet Journals 

Many people who use a bullet journal in their lives say that creating an online bullet journal is not a good idea because writing down some significant events, organizations, etc., in a notebook is better for our memory when compared to typing on a computer. Some experts also say that the human brain can memorize things better when they are written down because the brain has become used to them due to thousands of years of experience. However, digital technologies are new, and we need more years to make our brains get accustomed to digital technologies to memorize something. 

You do not have to use a desktop or notebook computer to create a digital bullet journal. However, finding a middle point in these circumstances is always possible. Tablets would be an excellent tool for creating an online bullet journal. As you know, some tablets allow you to use pens on them. Suppose you use these kinds of tablets to create a digital bullet journal. In that case, you can benefit from the practicality of the online bullet journal and the memorability of the classical bullet journal simultaneously. 

Go for Simple Designs

If you decided to create your bullet journal from scratch instead of creating an online one or turning an old planner into a bullet journal, we also have some recommendations for you. The most crucial point in creating a bullet journal from scratch is to use a basic design. Complexity could be good sometimes, but it is not for beginners. If it is your first bullet journal, you should try simple bullet journal page ideas. Designs that could be created with a pen would be a good choice for your first bullet journal. As an example, you can start with a blank page. Then, develop wide spreads for the tasks. Create some spaces in the top left and the bottom right to have a place for important notes, dates, etc. After completing these steps, your first bullet journal is ready! When you gain experience with simple designs, you can create more complicated ones. 

Bullet Journal Key Ideas

One of the essential steps of creating a bullet journal is to define a bullet journal key for different levels of tasks. For example, you can use a cross dotted in the middle for a completed task. For a new task, you can use a dot and a circle sign for a new event. These signs are classical, and many people use them in bullet journals. Using these signs would be suitable for remembering tasks and events. However, you do not have to use them. If you want, you can use different symbols depending on your choice in your bullet journal notebook. However, we recommend you use simple signs instead of complex ones. As you know, the purpose of creating a bullet journal is to keep track of events and tasks easily, and it would not be easy to follow them if you fill your bullet journal with complicated signs.

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