The term “eco-friendly decoration” may sound strange when you hear it for the first time. However, it is not a weird idea actually, and no, it is not expensive at all! You do not need to spend lots of money to turn the decoration of your home into an eco-friendly one. In this article, you will find 8 eco-friendly home ideas that you can easily apply to your home.

Why Do We Need Eco-Friendly Decoration?

What is eco-friendly home design? Why should I decorate my house in an eco-friendly way? These questions are trendy among people who are not familiar with the eco-friendly home trend. The answer is easy. We spend most of our time at our home. Therefore, if we reduce the energy we consume at our home, consume less, and save more, we can help our planet to live. If you are looking for eco-friendly home ideas, you came to the right place. Let’s read our article and find out some eco-friendly home improvements for your home. 

Go for LED Instead of Fluorescents

Our first suggestion to create eco-friendly homes cheaply is about how you lighten spaces in your home. As you may know, fluorescents consume much more energy than LED light bulbs. If you choose LED over fluorescents, the energy you use to lighten your home will be 80% less. While putting an effort to save our planet, you will also save money at the same time. Moreover, the LED lights will also add a stylish touch to your home decoration! 

Give a Chance to Second Hand Furniture  

We know that it is not a popular choice to have several second-hand pieces of furniture at home, especially among people who moved into a new house. However, if you want eco-friendly home tips from us, we advise you to give a chance to second-hand furniture. Sustainability is a significant factor in creating eco-friendly homes. If you constantly buy new furniture for your home, you consume more, and more energy will be consumed to fulfill your needs, or more trees will be cut down, etc. Thus, we advise you to look for beautiful second-hand furniture. Second-hand furniture is not only eco-friendly home products but also retro, stylish pieces for your home decoration. Give a chance to second-hand furniture, and give your home an “oldie but goldie” look!.

Energy-Efficient Appliances Are a Must 

Eco-friendly homes are impossible without eco-friendly home products. Appliances are the most energy-consuming products in homes. If you care about how you affect our planet’s fate, energy efficiency must be the first factor you look at while buying appliances for your home. Today, it is really easy to understand if appliances are energy efficient or not. You just need to look at the labels when you are about to buy one. If it consumes less energy, it should be approved by a third-party institution, and you can see a label indicating that. We strongly advise you to buy these products to create sustainable house designs. You can use these sustainable home goods for years without consuming energy in high amounts. 

Indoor Plants Will Bring Beauty to Your Home

Green home decor has an important place in the eco-friendly home design process. If you give a place to indoor plants in your home, you will add beauty and oxygen to your home. The air in your home will be cleansed thanks to indoor plants. You do not need to buy lots of goods to enrich the interior of your home. Just buy different plants that are suitable for indoor areas. You will have a beautiful room, floor, or kitchen while taking care of our planet.

Use Eco-Friendly Home Cleaning Products

Up to now, we have talked about eco-friendly home decor ideas, and we have mainly advised about the goods or tools that you can use in your home. However, eco-friendly home decor ideas are not limited to these factors. Have you ever thought about the effects of house cleaning on our planet? Unfortunately, we generally harm our planet while cleaning our sweet home. However, we can correct our mistakes easily. First of all, you may replace single-use plastic bottles with refillable glass bottles. Another critical step about cleaning products is that we should look at the ingredients of the products we use for cleaning. Eco-friendly home cleaning products do not contain toxic ingredients which harm our health and our planet at the same time. 

We Do Not Actually Need Huge Homes

As you can understand from the title, logic is simple. Smaller houses consume less energy, harming our planet less than bigger houses. Today, houses are getting bigger around the world, and bigger houses need more electricity, more gas, more water, etc. A tiny eco-friendly home is a good choice for our planet. It could be heated, it could be cleansed, and it could be lightened with less energy when compared to big houses. Moreover, decorating a tiny eco-friendly home would also be easier than decorating a big home. In fact, we can say that smaller houses are the first step in creating eco-friendly homes. 

Do Not Forget to Recycle

So far, we have given you some eco-friendly home ideas. Lastly, we do not forget to mention the importance of recycling for our planet. Many recyclable materials are cast away every day because many people do not have a separate recycle bin. All you need to do is to have a recycle bin and put recyclable materials in it instead of casting them away. It is simple, but it may be the most important part of eco-friendly home ideas. We hope we can give you some good eco-friendly home tips. Do not forget to care about our planet while decorating your home!

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