Building a treehouse in this century is mainly because of being inspired by novels. The one which is in every person’s mind is Robinson Crusoe, written in 1719. In this novel, Crusoe survives a shipwreck accident, tries to live on his own on an island free of dwellers, and tries to establish a civilization. Treehouse is the most iconic impression of the book. 

Treehouses are usually built above ground and in or next to giant trees. They may be used as a playing area, work and living spaces, casual retreats, hotels, or storage rooms to protect the goods from animals. These houses are eco-friendly platforms since they do not need to clean the land to be constructed on. 

Select the proper tree if you plan to build your treehouse on one of them. If a strong tree is not in your desired area, you can support the house by using bolts to fix the beams to the tree. No standard code is defined for building a treehouse; you can use multiple options to construct it. All that is needed is to find a suitable plan with details. You have to be a little experienced not to make mistakes. Knowing construction principles is a must before building your treehouse because the collapse of the house could cause injury. 

Treehouse Ideas for Kids

Kids cannot discover by just hearing words from someone, and they have to learn by experience, mental work, and physical activities. A simple treehouse has excellent advantages for kids, such as getting more vitamin D and fresh air. Moreover, they spend more time outside and do not engage with electronic devices too much. Also, having a treehouse can give them better vision, help them to improve their social intelligence, and build their strength by climbing, playing, and running outside. It brings kids and adults closer together and connects them to nature.

Providing some elements to kids’ houses may give them more fun. Some of them are a zipline, rope ladder for climbing to the house, bucket pulley system, trap door, and more, depending on your and your child’s creativity without forgetting the safety aspects. 

While designing the treehouse for a 5-year-old kid, you must consider that the kids are growing, so you should also think about what a 10-years-old may want. Also, it would be best to consider while designing your treehouse that trees get bigger as your child does. 

Remember that the main goal is a simple treehouse on a tree. Don’t be obsessed with too complex things for it.

Small Treehouse DIY Ideas

You may build a tree deck, a semi-open treehouse, or an ultimate house. 

  • As the easiest treehouse form, the tree deck has no walls or roof. All you need to do is to secure the deck. Also, you will have a huge space for playing around. Using the captain wheel and other items will make it to an iconic ship or the pirate treehouse. 
  • The semi-open house stands between a deck and an ultimate house. It has a lot of open space and is a summer treehouse because of not being weatherproof. It is not so heavy and can be built slightly higher from the ground. 
  • An ultimate house can go further than a simple treehouse. It has windows and doors so you can have sunlight in your place. It can protect you from bad weather conditions. This kind of treehouse is the most popular trend nowadays.

Treehouse Window Ideas

You can use your old windows and doors for the house, but classic wooden frames are better choices if you want your home to be more adventurous and stylish. Windows with swinging shutter-form make a great compliment to the backyard. One of the simply adorable windows that give your kid’s treehouse a more beautiful style is the single-hung slide opening windows. If you are willing to spend a little more money, buy a skylight window and place it on the roof. It is majestic to watch the stars at night while lying down in your home.

Decor Ideas

Here you have thousands of varieties. But don’t forget to ask your kids what they wish to do. Involving them in the project will make the house more meaningful and also make your kids happy. 

Having good decor ideas helps the house not look messy and creates a place where you and your kids want to spend time. You may get inspiration from the following tips:

  • Place shelves and wardrobes and put the toys or dolls in there. 
  • You can paint the walls with beautiful colors. 
  • Put your kids’ favorite pictures on the wall and add a chalkboard for them. 
  • With a sofa, you may create a place where they can rest when they are tired of playing. 
  • Use the area below the house by adding elements such as a small picnic table, sandbox, swing, etc. 
  • You can design the outer space with string lights to give the place a fancy fairy tale view.

Final Notes

With a piece of land, some construction skills, and some equipment, you can build your own simple treehouse. Don’t waste time and look for the best plan and tutorials so that you can create a new world for kids.

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