Your children will not want to leave these DIY play tents just for children, with no adults permitted. A tent may be transformed into a fantastic world where your youngster is in command and can play all day.

Saving money by making your DIY play tent or fort is a terrific way to save. You can purchase one from a store, but it won’t be as wonderful as one you construct yourself. They’re also usually simple projects. Some need sewing, while others take more woodworking, but they are all enjoyable tasks that even a novice can complete.

Love Tree India Embroidery Kids Tent

You can easily make this delicate embroidered DIY tent for kids that provides an excellent meeting place for your baby girl and her friends. It also serves as a little snooze nook – so please don’t bother. Dreams happen here. Your child will fall in love with the embroidered pictures of safari animals like giraffes and elephants, as well as the sweet window and crescent moon. Your free spirit kid can hang the decorative flags on the outside of them or on the inside too.

Dexton Glow in The Dark Kids Tent

Your kids can sleep under the moon and stars in the backyard under this waterproof kids tent, or they can use the glow-in-the-dark moon and stars stickers to bring the night sky into the atmosphere of pure magic! This DIY tent for kids is perfect for an outdoor hideaway after chasing fireflies, or they can use them on the side of the pool for children to protect themselves from too much sun during the day.

Trademark Innovations Giant Customizable Kids Tent

Let your child’s imagination run free to paint and decorate this blank cotton canvas to create a one-of-a-kind design. The interior is large enough for several kids (and adults!) to draw in fun – and don’t worry, the poles are made of sturdy pine, so the tent won’t fall apart. It is a great place to watch movies. You can keep the teepee tent in its plain white color, which will look fantastic in any room, or encourage your kids to get creative. Use fabric glue and glitter to add some charm, or use some fabric color to add a pop of color. It’s literally a panel of spotless fabric; kids will rejoice at the opportunity. Paint on “walls,” even if it’s only inside a tent.

Princes Fairy Kids Tent

This adorable fairy kids tent is perfect for a little princess (yes, a princess!) who wants her own space to fantasize, draw, meditate, and pass the time on some fluffy floor cushions. The top of the teepee tent features a polka-dot feel, while the sides are a light grey; the look just wouldn’t be complete without the pom poms’ white entryway fabric, which matches the tent’s included floor mat. It’s the perfect addition to a beautiful bedroom or playroom Bonus: The material is made from 100% pure cotton, and the poles are made of New Zealand pine.

Strategic Foldable Cotton Canvas Kids Tent

This navy and white striped kids’ tent is perfect for a modern nursery or child’s room. We love the clean lines of its design, and your kid will appreciate having a little corner of it. It is made of 100% cotton canvas and New Zealand pine. This type of tent is high quality and will stay strong and stable while your child moves in and out of their little shelter.

Tiny Hideaways Kids Tent

The simple, crisp lines of this classic DIY kids tent and the bubblegum stripes feel modern. Let this colorful piece create a fun focal point in the space for a nursery or playroom. You will appreciate the happy memories you will share with your child while playing in it, plus the window helps with good ventilation so it won’t be stuffy inside!

Pacific Play Kids Tent

This lively tent for kids and wooden poles feature built-in fairy lights that emit a soft glow, creating a fun atmosphere and comfortable play space. The snowy landscape features trees and jungle friends like owls and bears.

Kid Crafts Kids Tent

While your kids and friends are playing and spending time inside this KidKraft kids tent, you can watch the action inside through the mesh windows on each side. The zigzag print at the base of the tent is perfect for matching with other zigzag decor items in a kid’s bedroom or nursery, plus we can’t get enough of the bright aqua blue color that pops into any room.

Viking Kids Tent

This DIY kids tent promises magical play for your children. This tent is made primarily of pine wood and is strong enough to endure vigorous play. Although woodworking skills are necessary, this is a no-sew craft, so no sewing expertise is required.

A-Frame Kids Tent

This do-it-yourself Viking play tent offers fantastic play for your kids. This tent is mainly made of pine wood and durable enough to withstand rough play. Despite the fact that carpentry skills are required, this is a no-sew project, so no sewing experience is required.

Tutorial Kids Tent

This lovely DIY play tent maybe your project if you don’t mind a little sewing. It begins with a hula hoop top, which is then sewed together with a cloth to make a frame. The fabric used here is unusual and clever: sheets are utilized for both the upper and lower portions of the tent.

No-Sew Kids Tent

This cute tent is the ideal spot to hide and create magic. It’s a simple and inexpensive DIY play tent for kids. It takes less than an hour and costs less than $20 in materials. No stitching is involved, and no power equipment is required to construct it.

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