Area rugs are an easy update that adds color and texture to interior design while also helping to make any space feel more balanced. From signature hand-knotted rugs to patterned flat knits, the range of rugs available features a range of styles and sizes, from 2×3 ft to 10×14 ft, perfect for every room in the house.

One of the biggest mistakes we make is to keep area rugs too small. Today, we will give some tips about choosing suitable area rugs and placing them in each part of the house. This way, you can find the right size rug for the dining room, living room, bedroom, etc., given the size and shape of each room and the furniture within.

Area Rugs in Interior Design

One of the things we always say when decorating a room let’s start with the area rugs that provide the perfect foundation for the color, texture, and style on which we build the design of the room. As a general rule, designers recommend leaving at least 18-24 ft of the rug exposed around all sides of the rug.

We can get a little less in a small room like a hallway or bathroom, but other than that, 18 inches is a good starting point. The maximum amount of bare flooring is largely down to personal preference. So, whether we want to draw attention to beautiful wood flooring or cover floors that have seen better days, we can choose a rug the perfect size for our needs.

Criteria for Choosing Area Rugs

  1. Budget

Before learning how to choose the right area rugs and before buying, you must raise the sizes of the room you want the rug for and determine the appropriate budget for you and its compatibility with the area rugs in the market.

  1. Shape

Make sure to determine the shape of the rug you want, whether it is circular, rectangular, oval, square, etc., while specifying the appropriate color, which matches the colors of the furniture and curtains in the room.

  1. Color

The relationship between the color of the area rugs and the color of the furniture, paint, and curtains is inverse; if the room contains many colors and embellishments, you need a plain rug to match the furnishings, and the multicolored rug needs a simple-colored room. You can put the appropriate accessories that link the area rugs and furniture, and the colors of wall paint, curtains, and rugs should be connected.

  1. Material

Make sure to choose the appropriate rug material, as there are area rugs with soft fabrics, which are very suitable for leather furniture and wool rugs, fit with classic furniture, and engraved Chenille rugs are ideal for modern furniture. 

  1. Size

The rug size should be proportional to the area of the room, and the rug is not required to cover the entire room. It should be consistent with the room’s shape, where a square room needs a square rug, a rectangular room needs a rectangular rug, and so on.

Area Rugs For Living Room

In the living room, the rug performs multiple functions. It can define an entire room, accentuate a small seating area, and add great color and texture to a space. For large area rugs, there are two options for size and placement with the furniture. First of all, the rug must be either large enough to accommodate all the furniture, with breathing room to avoid edges. Secondly, large enough to fit at least the front legs of every piece of furniture on it, except for furniture such as a coffee table or side table.

Area Rugs For Dining Room

When choosing an area rug for the dining room, we start with the dining table size. We recommend a rug two feet longer and wider than the table to ensure enough room to pull out the chairs without hitting the edge of the rug.

Area Rugs for Bedroom

When choosing an area rug for a bedroom, it all depends on the bed size and the rug’s position. While placing two small rugs on either side of the bed adds a personal touch, choosing a larger rug will increase the space and create a relaxing feel.

The area rug should be large enough to fit under the entire bed, with at least some rug space around the bed. However, if we choose a rug with a slightly smaller area, we can place the rug two-thirds of the way under the bed, staring in front of the room’s nightstands.

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