If you have a small kitchen, we hear you saying ‘’how to plan the layout of a small kitchen?’’. Do not worry! Designing a small kitchen is not hard as you think. We have prepared some small kitchen ideas, and we believe that they will be beneficial for you. First of all, you should not be upset because you have a small kitchen since a small kitchen is useful. Everything is at your fingertips. By applying the tiny kitchen ideas we prepared, you will see that you can get efficiency from every corner of your tiny kitchen. In addition to that, we have small kitchen storage ideas for you. So there will be no messy look. Let’s look at small-kitchen design ideas!

Floor Plan Comes First!

To benefit from our kitchen flooring ideas, first, you should need a floor plan. You do not have to work with a kitchen designer or architect to create it. You can do this on your own very easily. 

First, do not put a big dining table in the center of your kitchen. Big dining tables in the center of the kitchen could be a good decoration idea, but they are not the best option for small kitchens. You should have a place in your kitchen to put a small, minimalist dining table; the far end of your kitchen is a good option. The table should be in a place you will not use for any other purpose to manage the space in the best way.  

The fridge and dishwasher must have their place and not occupy any useful place in the kitchen. If there is a big place for the oven, our suggestion is to get rid of it and turn this space into a proper place for kitchen cabinets. A mini oven is a good choice for small kitchens. As we said, you do not work with a professional to do these tricks. You can do it on your own.

Maximum Benefit from Brightness

Efficiently using brightness is one of the essential small kitchen design tips. Using brightness in the right way can give your kitchen a comfortable look, and you can also use the space better because when you can see every part of the kitchen clearly, you can move better and use every area. However, brightness is not only crucial for the decoration but also important for your safety in the kitchen. As you can guess, kitchens could easily turn into the most dangerous place in your home because there are sharp knives, lots of glass objects, and of course, fire in the kitchen. Thus, giving importance to the brightness is essential for both your safety and the decoration of your home. Here are the best ideas for lighting a small kitchen.

  • Put Mirrors In Proper Places

Mirrors have been the best way to create a bright illusion for years. Putting a small mirror across your kitchen window will reflect sunshine into your kitchen, and your kitchen will become bright. 

  • Use Bulbs Instead of Floor Lamp

When you use bulbs instead of floor lamps in your kitchen, your kitchen will be brighter because it will be more effective when the light comes from the top. Moreover, because your kitchen is small, occupying space by putting a floor lamp in the kitchen would not be a good idea. 

  • Add Light Colors to Your Kitchen

Dark colors like black, dark grey, and brown would be one of the worst possible kitchen color ideas for your kitchen. You can go for all white in your kitchen. White will not absorb the light like dark colors, and your kitchen would be shiny. 

These are the most critical small kitchen lighting ideas that you should follow.  

  • Choose the Furniture Carefully

Kitchen furniture has an important place in small kitchen decorations. As we said before, big furniture is not a good choice for you. Your oven, fridge, dishwasher, and even your rugs should be minimalist to create the illusion of a big space. Small kitchen rugs can be found in various colors, but we always suggest going for light tones. Dark tones will make your kitchen look smaller because they will attract more attention. This is the most significant point while choosing small kitchen area rugs.

Kitchen countertops should also be minimalistic, and white quartz is a good choice. As well as being minimalist, they are also durable. Bringing minimalism and durability at the same time should be your best concern while decorating a small kitchen.

Let’s talk about kitchen tile ideas. While considering kitchen wall tile ideas, you must use contrast. If your kitchen is small, your kitchen tiles should be big and one piece if possible. If the tiles are made of small parts, it will give your kitchen a busy look. Thus, choose big and white pieces. They will also reflect the sunshine better.

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