If you want to decorate your home, but if you are unsure what to do, eclectic interior design is the most suitable design. So, what is eclectic style interior design? Eclectic design means creating a perfect interior by taking your favorite points from each decoration style that can ultimately reflect you. In other words, eclectic design is about the harmony of different types. The origins of the eclectic design are in Paris. It emerged in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, intending to create unique designs by Ecole des Beaux-Arts architects. Eclectic design is a way to build a modern house in harmony with traditional elements.

Moreover, it gives a chance to you to add personality to your home. If you decide to decorate your house with an eclectic interior design, you will have fun decorating! Eclectic interior design differs from other interior designs in some way. The most crucial point is characteristics of the eclectic style are not very strict because it includes elements from different periods and styles and creates harmony. Nevertheless, the eclectic style has essential characteristics, and we prepared a guide for you. 

Characteristics of Eclectic Style

Eclectic interior design is a useful form of design that combines aesthetic and functional features. Here are some tips for colorful, eclectic interior design:

  • Neutral main wall color
  • Repeating colors in interior design
  • Unexpected use of materials and items 
  • Combination of modern and traditional

Those are some of the characteristics of eclectic style. You should note that eclectic style does not mean overcrowding. It includes more furniture than other styles, but still, you should avoid overcrowding. Now, let’s look at how we can apply those characteristics to eclectic room design. 

Eclectic Kitchen Design

Combining modern and traditional styles in harmony is a necessity to create an eclectic kitchen design. Therefore, different elements that can complement each other can be used together. We recommend minimal and simple techniques for kitchen furniture in eclectic interior design; it will look more pleasant. The color contrasts are significant in eclectic design. For example, if you used yellow or red tones on the walls, black or grey tones might be preferred for kitchen cabinets. Different materials can be used together in kitchen decoration. For example, glass and wood will create a very harmonious contrast. Marble can also be considered for the kitchen table. You can choose yellow, red, or purple for chairs; they look striking in eclectic kitchen design. 

Eclectic Living Room Design

To create an eclectic home design, the living room is one of the important parts because it is the room where we spend most of the day. As we mentioned, keeping the walls simple is the best way to create an eclectic interior design. This will give you a lot of chances to decorate your eclectic living room design since it will be much easier and more enjoyable to decorate a plain wall. An important part of eclectic homes is being green. We recommend that you put plants and create green spaces in the living room. Rugs and pillows are essential parts of eclectic interior design. At this point, you can benefit from geometric shapes. You should use modern and traditional pieces in harmony. Isn’t it nice to feel in the 19th century in England in the house and to feel adapted to today at the same time? A modern coffee table and traditional chairs would be excellent examples. Lastly, when it comes to eclectic design, one of the first things that come to mind is the gallery wall, and the living room is the perfect room to create it. The gallery wall is a great way to add personality to the room. To design a gallery wall, you should benefit from your imagination. You can display any work you want on the gallery wall. 

Eclectic Bedroom Design

You can use patterned wallpaper on an entire wall for the eclectic bedroom design. If you prefer not to use wallpaper, you might prefer to paint a wall in another color. Dark colors will be more suitable for an eclectic interior design of the bedroom. You can look at the furry, fleece, colored, and knitted options for pillows. Knitted blankets will also look great on the bed. As we mentioned, one of the crucial points of eclectic design is the combination of modern and traditional elements. For example, you can use a make-up mirror left by your grandmother in your bedroom interior design. You should not hesitate to use modern and traditional pieces together. It will be very stylish to place antique pieces in some parts of the bedroom. 

Eclectic Bathroom Design

The bathroom is also a part of eclectic interior design. Here, you can do an excellent job by using your imagination. It might seem crazy, but you might want to consider wallpapering the ceiling in the bathroom. This would be an example of using random pieces in eclectic design. In this way, your bathroom will become a funnier place. If you prefer neutral tones on the wall, green will be very compatible. It will be much more pleasant if plants support these green tones. It is a great advantage that the eclectic design consists of modern and traditional items. For that reason, in eclectic bathroom design, you can use either a shower cabin or a bathtub. If you have a small bathroom, we recommend using large mirrors. In this way, the bathroom can be brighter. 

These are the tips we have prepared for you. You should not forget that one of the most critical parts of eclectic interior design is imagination. Do not forget to use your creativity by benefitting from these tips. 

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